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We're Peachy Keen

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After being a part of the INDIE community for several years and creating several friendships with authors, our founder Savannah noticed that there was a severe lack in the management of writers. Writers who loved to write but honestly did not want to deal with the design, the editing, the marketing, the back-end work that came with self-publishing. With her background in management, it just made sense - PKAS was created to help writers like you! 

Peachy Keen Author Services' mission is to help writers cover the back-of-house details. Our goal is to help you lighten your load and handle the managing so you can do what you love to do - write and connect to your fans!


Meet  the Peachy Keen Team!

Meet the Team! 


Hi, I''m Savannah!


Savannah is an avid reader with a heart to help other people. After being around the indie community for some time and creating friendships with several authors, she discovered a lack of help in managing and organizing authors' crazy schedules, and thus Peachy Keen was born.

Savannah currently lives in Georgia with her high school sweetheart and their cats, Cinder & Willa. If Savannah isn’t working or reading, you can find her attempting to convince Cinder to love her or drinking Starbucks, which she swears is a food group all to itself.

Hi, I 'm Sav! 


Sav, a long-time PKAS follower, has been into reading, editing, and romance novels for forever. After being a loyal PKAS master blog lister for a while, an opening became available to work for PKAS and she jumped at the chance to join the best team! 

Sav is a Pinterest junkie and if she is not found working or reading, you will probably find her with earbuds glued in her ears jamming out to music or audiobooks with her Huskey/Heeler mix Okeley. 

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Hi, I'm Brittanie!


Brittanie is an active reader and reviewer. She's been involved in the book community (Bookstagram) for a few years now. She's been following PKAS since she can remember and jumped at the chance to be a part of their team when an opening came up.  She loves the feeling of helping out those authors and getting their novels out there. Every post counts! She loves reading, you won't find her with her kindle nearby.


When she's not reading, she's a mom with a husband and two kids at home. They live in lovely Colorado with two huskies. They enjoy the outdoors and spending quality time together.

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  Let's work together!

Writers need support. Writers need Peachy Keen Author Services. Check out our services and when you're ready get in touch! 

We can't wait to help you bring your creations to life and connect with people! 

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